Saturday, February 11, 2012

technical difficulties...

Internet not working in our room this morning, so making do with kindle. so no pics for now. Please excuse any typos.

It is now Sunday morning.

on Friday, our day of arrival and first full day, we went by ferry to Devonport across the harbour from Auckland. A fine day walking thru the village, tramping to top of Mt. Victoria, and a fine lunch and drinks - NZ Mata beer, fish and chips, and green lipped NZ mussels in a Thai cream sauce. The beer was like a German Koelsch.

For the rest of Friday, we walked thru Auckland's Central Business District and found a nice place for afternoon cocktails - Mecca. A small outdoor plaza with many relaxing office workers. i had a nice sangria with fresh berries, and Deb had a flat white. No bludgers here.

For dinner, we headed back to the Little India Restaurant at our hotel. A simple meal with Butter Chicken, naan. and rice. then off to bed after offloading our pics. Too tired to blog.

We woke Saturday morning to a light rain. Just had coffee in the room before heading to the Sky Tower for brunch. Thankfully the light rain stopped as we headed out.

We got to the Sky Tower around 11am, an hour before our reservation. We were able to go to the viewing deck to take pics, and watch the jumpers. This is the tallest sructure in the southern hemisphere. Sort of a modified bungie jump, where the brave are harnessed and dropped to the ground from the 1200ft level. not for us. Pics later.

For brunch,eggs Florentine with salmon instead of Canadian bacon in a modified eggs Benedict. Orbit Restaurant atop the Sky Tower rotates about once per hour so easy to get a full view of the Aucklland area while eating.

After lunch,we boarded a train for Onehunga,where we started our tramp across Auckland from the Tasman sea to the Pacific Ocean. A 17km trek over hill and dale. very nice but will write about it later.

Off to Waiheke Island on Sunday...

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  1. Devonport had a wine and arts & craft fair when I was there - lots of very friendly people. Just got a new right thumb joint put in so left hand 1 finger typing