Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The night before...

Mike spent the day packing, and surprisingly, looks like I'll be fine with one carry-on and one backpack. Deb is doing likewise. This is how we traveled on our RTW trip Aug-Sep 2010. Having a rented tux delivered to the cruise ship helps, too!
Left Bailey with the neighbor; he loves it there.

Security system set up and video surveillance is working.

Did online check-in this morning, ad had no problem with Deb's ticket. Mine did have some problems. Seems American Express didn't do something correctly after the last schedule change, and had to reissue my ticket. This took about an hour; fortunately the agent didn't have me hold the entire time. Once he knew what to do, I hung up, and he called me afterwards when all was well. Then I was able to do online check-in. I guess this can happen when you use a travel agent to book a ticket 1 year in advance. I used American Express because I was able to convert points into a revenue ticket and get a 30% discount. Also get frequent flier miles, too!

The adventure begins in the morning!

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