Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 1- about to depart Auckland

Deb and I were a few of the first to board today, Tuesday, at   1130am. We depart today at midnight.

Deb and I spent the afternoon exploring the ship. It is quite nice and well appointed. we met the cruise director, David, who took us on a ships tour. We then checked out a cooking class, and found out about the food,the spa, the library, and the computer classes. Really quite a lot to keep us busy. Food and classes seem to be the highlight so far, and the drinks are quite good too.

John, Cindy, Mark, and Mary explored Auckland today,and took the ferry to Devonport for lunch. They are on their way tothe ship as I sloowly type this on the Kindle. We're sitting outside, aft near the outside pool. there is a pool midship withe a movable cover.

The weather today is partly cloudy with infrequent showers. Temp in the mid 70s.

Alongside our ship is the Costa Deliziosa, which looks a lot like the ship that sunk in Italy. We have a mandatory safety briefing and lifeboat drill before dinner. Miss it and they will kick off the ship.

I  just know this is going to be a great cruise!

On Tuesday, February 14, 2012, Peter Wendel <> wrote:
> Can't wait to hear about first day at sea.

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